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CONTOUR® structure-based drug design – a product discovery engine for a sustainable pipeline

Vitae Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was founded with the goal of accelerating and improving innovation in small molecule drug discovery, specifically by creating and operationalizing a paradigm breakthrough in structure-based drug design technology. This unique and proprietary discovery engine – called CONTOUR® – leverages the abilities of Vitae Pharmaceuticals' world class team of scientists to discover and develop targeted small molecule compounds in a broad range of therapeutic areas to serve patients' needs. By harnessing the power of CONTOUR® structure based drug design (SBDD), Vitae Pharmaceuticals' team can optimize the properties of the compounds they discover and shorten the time required to advance these compounds into the clinic.

The CONTOUR® technology platform is comprised of a robust, combinatorially efficient growth algorithm (growth engine), a high-performance computational infrastructure, and structural biology integrated with traditional medicinal chemistry and biology functions for innovative structure-based design. It is guided by a team of highly trained scientists to design the best possible compounds and move them through the development process.

The advantages of Vitae Pharmaceuticals’ CONTOUR® SBDD have been proven through the successful delivery of programs on several very difficult targets, including renin, 11ß-HSD-1, beta-secretase and the nuclear hormone receptors LXR and ROR. The platform has consistently generated novel, patentable leads within 2-7 months and animal proof-of-concept data within 14-16 months after start of a program.